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How to strengthen your Online Presence and gain Customer Engagement

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

During tough times like the pandemic we’re in, your online presence should be stronger than ever. Now is the time to reassess your brand and think of new ways to engage with your customers, especially with the current financial turmoil a lot of people are dealing with. Below are just some ways to optimize your business platform.

Freshen up your Website

Since majority of the US are working from home, people are searching online more which makes it important to make sure your website is up to date for those looking for your type of service. You want to be sure when someone goes to your website, they aren't confused on where to go or disappointed with what they see.

In order to successfully get leads into conversions, you’ll want to have each page on your website show a message that is clear, easily directive, visually intriguing, and concise. This goes without saying that this can improve your SEO initiatives(we have a specific package that can help with this!).

Offer services that give value to the needs of the Customer

It is a great opportunity to provide services that resonant to what the average customer is going through. This can either be special discounts that are tailored to the customer’s financial state or free educational materials like an e-book or video. The goal here is to make it more attractive to achieve customer engagement so that they will reach out and learn more.

Update/Add new Content

By producing more helpful content through blogs, video, and webinars, you are not only promoting your services, but you’re also promoting your own expertise in a particular area of need. This can be a great time to repurpose old content! For example, if there is an old post that needs some extra love, simply repurpose it as a video to make it more visually appealing, especially to those who favor this type of content.

When you continue to make your online presence current and updated to fit your customers’ needs, you will find yourself better equipped with having the expertise and gain more business to secure your own living during this time. The most important takeaway here is to succeed in providing that actionable proposition with purpose and value for everything you do for your business!

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