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Remove Social Media from your Marketing Plan? That's going to be a No here.

It's not the easiest thing in the world to maintain a social media presence when you've got 50,000 things to do and replying to @ilovedogs99 on Twitter is not at the top of your priority list. But one thing you can't compromise on is removing social media from your marketing plan entirely. There are too many benefits to social media marketing to ever think about stopping.

Here are just a few reasons why removing social media from your marketing plan is a bad idea.

Everyone is Talking But You

Know how many people use social media these days? Over 3.6 billion. That number is projected to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025. So if most people in the world are on social media, where are you? When people talk about your industry online, you have the opportunity to help steer the conversation towards more customer engagement with your product or service. If you're not there, that opportunity goes away.

Building Relationships with Customers

Reaching out to your customers before post-2010s required you to mail postcards, make phone calls, or place ads on TV or in the paper. All of that was time-consuming and expensive. Now with a few clicks, you are connected to your target audience. If someone has an issue with your product or service, they can go on Facebook to address it in real time with the company. That gives you the chance to resolve any problems and keep a customer who might otherwise jump ship.

Let Them See the REAL You

Using social media for customer engagement and staying part of the conversation are big reasons to keep posting content. But another great one is that social media allows you to build your brand and control the way your brand is perceived (but do make sure you avoid these mistakes). The customer gets to see the REAL you, or the REAL people behind the business.

You build trust by branding yourself as

relatable, responsive, and knowledgeable about your customer's needs. Building the persona behind the brand is so important to build your customer base and secure more purchases.

In the end, it's so important to be real and present with your customers. No one wants to talk to a robot when they're having issues with a product or have questions. Build your social media presence by being part of the conversation, engaging with your customers, and letting them see the person behind the brand.

Need to freshen up your social media strategy? Since you're here, let's chat!

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