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Reports you need for your Marketing Initiatives

You have your marketing campaign running and social media is finely tuned with automation up the galore but how do you know just how successful you are? This is where reports come into play, offering a detailed scope on your campaigns concerning your consumers’ behavior and activities(i.e website visits, CTA activity, conversions). Quite simply, it provides a better understanding of how successful your marketing initiatives are and improve future performance.

Types of Marketing Reports

Website Traffic

Website traffic reports help you see the overview of your website's performance which the most notable data to track is the number of unique visitors and their journey through your website(time on a page, bounce rate, if they took any action). A great analytical tool that provides this data is Google Analytics. GA will help consolidate your data and give a roadmap to how well your website is doing by showing the number of visits per day/month, actions taken, and conversions all in a simple format.

Marketing Campaign Performance

A must have report that provides an overview of your campaign's measurable metrics to determine the success of your campaigns across all marketing channels, such as paid ads. Here you'll be able to monitor the number of click number of click throughs, total spent, and overview provides insight to whether the current campaign was profitable.


Key Performance Indicators evaluate the success of whether marketing strategy and sales goals are being met, organizational growth vs. competitors, or any further actionable insight determined by the senior team. This is a good report to utilize if you are trying to see metrics surrounding your business' strategic and operational achievements.

Social Media Engagement

Customer engagement has to be the top goal in accomplishing your business' brand. This report showcases your attributions to just how engaged your postings are, including blog posts or even responses you give on others' platforms. This is why it is important to utilize your SEO strategy effectively. By making sure you are using the right keywords and meta descriptions will help customers find you quicker.

Marketing reports simply help to define your business' success. Depending on your needs, reporting can generate in different time intervals; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. They help you spot what you're doing well and what needs some improvements. By knowing both, you'll no doubt create future opportunities for engagement and converting more leads into customers.

To start benefiting, let us help build the best reporting templates fit for your operational needs!

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