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Three mistakes to avoid when promoting your business on Social Media

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Whether you’re promoting a new business or a current one, the right steps should be taken when branding your products and services on social media. You certainly don’t want to sound less of an expert in what you’re trying to sell but you also don’t want to be over the top with how you’re conveying the message. The place where most businesses have a challenge with this is through their social media and can lose credibility as a result if they aren't effective with how they manage it.

To be successful on social media when promoting your business you'll want avoid a few major content no-no's when promoting your business:

Incorrect information on Profile

You may think this is common sense but you’d be surprised how often this happens. It can take a person just a few seconds to look at someone’s profile before they lose interest and one of the main sections they’ll look at first is the “About” section.

One mistake several businesses make is not identifying themselves correctly, missing key points when writing about themselves on their social media platforms. A few examples would be naming your organization as a “non-profit” when your website clearly states “for profit,“ or posting about certain services on one platform but don't note them on the others, or not updating the platforms to the current structure of your business such as new products/services, location, and working hours.

When setting up your social media platforms, be sure to add correct information about your business and be consistent since this is where you will be interacting with your potential and current customers. It is also a great place to tell your followers exactly what you’re up to in regards to any business updates and other helpful content to convince them to work with you. You want to give them just enough to spark their interest and be curious enough to click into your website and gain more information(CTA opportunity!) Having inaccurate information on your platforms will not only send the wrong message to potential customers but it can hurt your reputation in the end when representing your business.

Posting irrelevant information to what your business does

When posting content on your platforms, you should be posting information that is relevant to your products and services. It wouldn’t make sense to post about tech news on the latest IT software when you sell hair care products. The key tip here is to engage with your followers by posting helpful content that will answer any questions or issues they may have that you can provide.

The same goes with blog posts- you’ll want to write about what you know that is within the same realm as your services. This is where you’ll gain trust and that re-putative status from potential customers. Posting just to post will not get you anything except perhaps less followers or gain ones that you may not find as the kind of customers that should be using your services. In order to find out what types of topics are popular, start by researching the top trending topics through social media and write what you think will help you gain the recognition to engage with your customers.

Not posting enough

Social media is the best place to capture your potential customers when demonstrating your skills and what you can provide. When you choose to manage a social media account, you are committing to being active on it otherwise your presence will be unknown and as a result, your leads could plummet. By thinking you can post once a week is going to get you the attention you need, you are wrong. One general advice here is that even though there are some social media platforms where you should be posting often, it is best to figure out which ones those are.

This goes on to say that when deciding to get on social media, you don’t have to jump onto all the social media platforms of the world- you want be smart and decide which ones your buyers are most active on. Through research, it's been shown that the best days/times to post across social media platforms tends to be mid-week; Tuesday-Thursday mornings between 9-11am or afternoons between 12-3 pm.

When promoting your business out into the world, avoiding these actions will not only will give the boost you need when helping to brand your business but will help get you one step closer to gaining new leads.

If you need help quick starting your social media initiatives, contact us today!

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