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What is this “CRM System” you're talking about?

So what is a CRM system? In the formal context, Customer Relationship Management refers to practices, strategies, and technologies that combine together to assist in analyzing and managing customer interactions to improve business relationships. You add the “system” in there and it is a technology development tool to help organize all concrete customer data into one platform for easy accessibility. Quite simply, it’s a system that helps you stay on top and organized with your customer data. This is shared within the organization to discuss what internal efforts are working and/or needs improvements to meet their business goals. What’s even more enticing is that because it’s cloud-based, you can access the system anywhere you have internet access.

CRM systems can a lot of times be described as a data library where you have your customers’ information, notes of interaction, and numbers to examine your sales/marketing efforts. Divisions in Sales, Marketing, Data, and Finance use it as a very efficient tool for their business needs.

Another feature I like to utilize and teach others is creating elaborate dashboards. Whether it is monthly or weekly, performance metrics are a big deal for executives as it informs the team the progress of their business. What dashboards do is it helps showcase visual charts to help an organization understand their performance. More specific, dashboards help provide a team a better representation of how well the organization is doing when establishing themselves within the workforce and gives them an overview of their fiscal year results in that instance.

A feature CRM systems can have that I truly support is its ability to create and manage marketing campaigns. With a marketing campaign, you can create newsletters, banners, social media materials, etc. You can also track the progress by viewing the number of clicks you get from the campaign, number of leads you obtain, and the time frame of when your campaigns received the most attention.

All in all, cloud-based CRM platforms provide just the right features, flexibility, and productivity that the average booming business industry needs. It is the continuous interaction with a customer that makes it one of the key requirements for today’s businesses to thrive upon.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a CRM system can benefit your organization or want to take the next step in implementing one, shoot us an email!

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