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Why does Content Marketing matter?

Strengthen your content marketing. Do more content marketing. Content marketing will take your brand to the next level. You’ve heard it all about the importance of content marketing everywhere you go and annoying as it is to hear, it truly is important and yes, it will help your business succeed. If you are an individual that started pursuing their dreams in a product or service, you’re probably at the beginning level of learning about the basics of getting all the exposure you can for your business. This is a great start to learn about getting your brand out there.

Content marketing does matter and I’m here to tell you the why, how, and what type of content you should utilize to best suit your business. Let’s first define the why in all this.

Why is it important?

The simple truth is that without it, how will your business get recognized as being a distinguished and genuine business? It’s safe to say content gives your business a voice and showcasing your talents through content will help show you as an expert and a prominent brand. If you’re looking to attract more leads and improve conversions, this is the place to start. Your words in your content marketing strategy will carry through to your leads in a way that it will speak to their needs. You’ll know you had an effective content marketing piece when a reader can think “wow this was written specifically for me.”

Secondly content marketing helps grab the attention of your target audience which can lead into followers on your social media base. It helps your followers get to know your business more and provide the answers to why they should interact and pursue your services and products. The “why” is key here because it answers not only why customers should come to you for services and products but to ultimately learn about why your business came to be.

People engage well if they know the history of a business and can relate to it on a personal level. However, they can’t do any kind of engagement if nothing is being broadcast over their way so the next step after creating the right content is to know how to reach them. How else do you think you’ll get your business out into the world? By twiddling your thumbs and hope someone miraculously comes across your website or store front? I hope not or else that’s a horrible marketing plan.

How Content Marketing works

Content marketing is the creation of value and involves distributing that value through either a post on a blog, newsletters, social media platforms, email lists, videos, or even a simple guide on a specific topic of your customer’s interest. Its focus is to help create enough meaningful content to your target audience that will result in help with moving those leads into the sales funnel.

Content marketing is a strategic approach to help pour your expertise and knowledge into a topic that helps engage with your followers and have them get to know your business better. It revolves around three main goal objectives of brand awareness, brand loyalty, and customer engagement. If your content hits all those spots, you’re in for true success with getting a high response rate from leads.

Website content, check. What type of content is best for social media platforms such as Youtube? Instagram? Twitter? LinkedIn? TikTok?

You now have a well written blog post you written up and have not published on your website. Now is the waiting game of how many visitors come visit the blog and see it right? Unfortunately, consumers won’t be able to engage with your post if nothing is being broadcast over their way so the next step after creating the right content is to know how to reach them.

But where do you post it to get the most engagement? Social media is still at the top of its game for getting the most interaction from consumers, but other questions still get asked a lot- what is the best content to use for a particular social media platform? Are they all the same? The simple answer is no, each of these platforms are best used for a specific area in content and depending how you want to engage with your customers will determine the platform to best use. Here I’ve created a simple chart to define what each platform works best for regarding the type of content:

Whatever platform you choose, just make sure it fits with your business’ needs and targets those in your buyer persona or desired customer circle. Go where your customer are being active on to get the most out of your social media initiatives. Trust me, I don’t think posting a one-minute dance infused video doing window treatments will get you the audience you want from Tik Tok. It could however make you famous by teenagers sharing it across their social circle but I don’t think it’s the type of famous you were going for.

Content marketing takes your attributions and transforms it into reality by magnifying your business’ value and brand to others through words and visuals. It helps to push and promote your services by promoting your brand’s loyalty and expertise. Without it, your business could be non-existent to people without context to tell your mission and explain the “why” in your business.

To sum it all up; content marketing matters, it matters a lot.

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