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Social Media Management

Allow us to take the reins and discover how to tackle social media in the way that makes most sense for your company. Social Media is everywhere and evolving! We provide the following packages based on your organization's level of need:

Introduction Package- One Platform
​-Initial strategy planning session
-Monthly Performance Updates
-Creating/managing Content Marketing (i.e promote upcoming events, assist with posts/video content that will highlight business)
-SEO analytics and planning

Social Builder Package- Two Platforms
-Includes Intro package essentials
-Weekly/Monthly Performance Updates
-SEO management tool access

Pro Builder Package-More than two Platforms
-Includes Social Builder package essentials
-SEO and GA4 management tool access
-Access to unlimited workshops/presentations 

A'la Carte 
For those who have an upcoming event, fundraiser, etc that need a big boost in social media promotion. We will tailor a short term package that will best fit your needs to obtain conversions and/or customer engagement.


Content Strategy Management

Have an idea of an upcoming event but need help finding the right tools to announce it to attract potential customers? Wondering how to put the right words together on a blog or newsletter? Need help with website design for SEO purposes? We can provide a step by step process with you and kickstart your marketing initiative in creating brand awareness and attract new business for you!

*This is included in our Social Media Management packages but can also be part of an a'la Carte service.

Business Team

Market Analysis/Performance Metrics

Identifying your desired market through analysis is important when showcasing your company's key performance metrics or when you're simply wanting to implement a marketing campaign that will successfully pull in customers your way.

A few data points we capture are:
-Return on Investment(ROI)
-Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
-Lead Generation objectives

We can also help design reporting templates if you are more interested in wanting to drive reporting yourself but need the assistance creating exactly what you need.

Web Design

Website Design

Our world is becoming more technology-prone with everyone doing their product research conveniently online and so the pressure of displaying a great first impression online is more important then ever! To help, let us be the ones to create a website that will showcase compelling designs that will boost your brand's identity, improve your search rankings, reduce bounce rates, and overall design a space where your visitors will come and feel at ease with the simple functions to get to where they need and want to go. 


Based on your company's specific needs and audience, your website will be tailored to your criteria and we're here for it.

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